mouth ulcer

These are sores in the mouth. Causes may vary from simple anemia, nutritional deficiency to cancer.

Proper diagnosis is a must before starting the treatment.

In our Vellore Homeo Care, our doctor plans the treatment after diagnosing the cause of the ulcer.

oral cancer

Cancer in any part of mouth is called Oral cancer.

Tobacco usage, Alcohol, Genetics, Immune deficiency diseases are the risk factors for oral cancer.

Mouth ulcer, bleeding ulcer, lump in the mouth, Weight loss are the common symptoms of Oral cancer.

Homeopathic medicines help to prevent spreading of cancer and it helps to alleviate the symptoms without any side effects.

Ayurvedic herbs like Ashwagandha, Tulsi helps to fight against cancer cells.

Acupuncture treatment helps efficiently in pain management.

Naturopathic customized diet and detox treatment helps to eliminate toxins and improve immunity.

In our Vellore Homeo Care, we are adapting well proven Homoeopathic protocol along with ayurvedic, detox and diet plan for Cancer treatment which gives good results in all stage of a disease.


Its the Inflammatory condition of Mouth and gums.

It occurs due to Infection of micro organisms.

Bad breath, mouth ulcers, swollen bleeding gums, swollen lymph nodes are the common symptoms.

A homeopathic remedy based on the nature of the person and disease helps in Rapid Healing.

Ayurvedic herbs like Triphala, Amalaki, vidanga helps for a rapid healing.Panchakarma procedures also aid in rapid recovery.

Naturopathic diet helps in a rapid healing.

In our Vellore Homeo Care, Our Homoeopathic consultant selects the best remedy based on the nature of a person which can cure the disease. Ayurvedic herbs and panchakarma help in fast recovery.

Under our guidance usually patient starts to feel better in 1-3 months depends on the severity of the disease.


Poor oral Hygiene, Gum diseases, teeth diseases, Dry mouth, sinusitis are the common causes of Bad Odour.

Diagnosing the cause of the disease determines the plan of treatment.

In Vellore Homeo Care , Our doctor plans the best treatment after diagnosing the cause.